Interest About The Blockchain

What is the blockchain? How does it work? Why is it used? What relation do cryptocurrencies have with the blockchain? What is Bitcoin? How does the cryptocurrency market work?

Discovering what the blockchain is

Blockchain is a database formed as a chain of blocks. An innovative technology that groups the information in many parts called blocks. Once the data is stored, it can’t be modified.

At the beginning of the XXI century experts started to develop this technological system, but the technology as such wasn’t used on a global scale until 2009. That was the year, when Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency, was created With the launch of this digital coin, the blockchain system has become popular to the point that many other cryptocurrencies have been developed.

Blockchain has crossed borders and today it isn’t only used to make financial transactions. For example, it can be used in the electronic voting system, or to speed up the management in the educational field, or even in projects aiming to minimize the negative impact for the environment.

The latest cryptocurrency news

Therefore, it’s logical that there are more and more people interested in discovering all about the blockchain world; they want to learn about this technology and the cryptocurrencies. Some people even decide to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Entrepreneurs, innovators and crypto enthusiasts create portals about cryptocurrency to talk about it. That is why was created. Our website started in 2017 with the intend to keep up-to-date readers with all news from the cryptocurrency world. So if you want to stay updated with blockchain news and Bitcoin news, you should check out our portal.