The construction business discovers VR visualizations.

Anyone who recently has been looking for a new home noted that some developers are offering a virtual walk through the apartment or even the whole housing development.

It would be not surprising, if not the fact that user is walking around the estate, which is just going to be built. This option is based on visualizations of virtual reality.

The architectural design of the property or building is turned by professional companies into a three-dimensional image. Thanks to special glasses or goggles we can „enter” in this picture and walk there.

Both VR visualization and AR visualization make easier to sell an apartment and rent office space in a rising building. But that is not all; the virtual reality is beneficial even during design. Often, thanks to visualizations in virtual reality, many errors, which would be invisible if not a three-dimensional image –  can be eliminated. Interior designers also use VR visualization and AR visualization. The first one, lets them take customers to an entirely new interior. The second, allows them to show how existing rooms will look after minor changes, such as a living room with a refreshed color of walls or a bathroom with a shower cabin instead of a bathtub.

Simulations of virtual reality are also perfect for the hotel industry. Video 360 allows the user to look around the hotel corridors and check what kind of rooms they plan to book.

New way to make your project more modern – VR visualisations!

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