Where you can buy Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are nothing but a digital currency. The value of Bitcoins is determined by the free market, so they are independent of inflation, governments, and banks. Bitcoins are abstract because they exist only in virtual reality – it’s only code.


Bitcoins can be bought, you can pay them, you can also transfer them – just like in real life. The number of stationary places where you can pay this cryptocurrency is increasing. There are more than 10,000 worldwide Bitcoin shops in the world. Most of them are in Europe and North America. In Poland, this market is expanding. However, in Warsaw, Wroclaw or Cracow, we will find a numerous of service points where we will purchase Bitcoins.

So where to buy Bitcoins? Of course, online! There are many websites where you can buy Bitcoins. I used to use buycoinnow.com, and I can recommend it with a clear conscience. The process of buying Bitcoins is very simple. The current Bitcoin course is on our website, so we can see how much money will be available to us. Just click the „Buy Bitcoins Now” button and the system will show us what to do next. Depending on whether we are a new user or if we already have an account, we need to register or log in to be able to have an access payments. Purchased bitcoins are paid by a credit card or with a quick payment template. We provide data, commit the transaction and … that’s all. When the transaction is completed, we will become the owners of the specified amount of Bitcoins.


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